Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 - Page 5

Nutrition Stating the obvious for dietitians, but I’m being very conscious of my diet, especially my vegetable serves and fluid intake. Mindfulness Each morning I start the day by reading some affirmation cards from Kikki-K and doing some mindfulness and breathing activities with the Headspace app. This sets up my day with positive intentions. Gratitude We start each day as a DC team with a Zoom call where we check in with each other and mention three things we are grateful for. You could try this with a colleague, mentor or family member. Each night I complete The Resilience Project Gratitude Journal, which allows me to think about who and what I am thankful for that day. Psychologist and business coach I have a predisposition to anxiety, so I am indebted to my psychologist and business coach who keep me sane. I am meeting with them virtually (fortnightly with my coach and monthly with my psychologist). I highly recommend having a professional in your corner to maintain your mental health. Psychology has recently been added to the telehealth funding arrangements by the Government, so it is more accessible than ever. Learn more about how the DC team is navigating these uncertain times by listening to our podcast (available on Stitcher or iTunes) or checking out our YouTube channel. Keep the conversation going - tell us how you are managing or what else you would like to hear from us via our Facebook group or Instagram. @dietitianconnection © Dietitian Connection 5 @dietitianconnection Infuse | May 2020