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PRODUCT SHOWCASE Snacker Portion Perfection Snacker Use this handy stackable kit to easily pre portion and carry your Portion Perfection snacks with you. Place any of the foods listed below into the snack box and your snack will approximate 100 Calories. To follow the complete Portion Perfection visual weight control plan for men, women and children or for those who have had bariatric surgery, refer to the relevant section at or in the USA 100 Calorie Snack Pack Ideas Beef jerky 150cc Boiled egg Broccoli chips Canned fruit Celery sticks* Cooked quinoa Cherry tomatoes* Macadamias Goji berries Dried apple rings Chia pudding 40cc Capsicum* Carrot sticks* Corn kernels Kidney beans (canned) Cucumber sticks* Mixed dried fruit Low fat flavoured yoghurt or full fat Greek yoghurt Fresh peas* Pine nuts Prunes Olives Mushrooms* Pistachios Raisins / Sultanas Pureed Fruit Natural yoghurt Salsa ^ Tuna Rice crackers Walnuts Tzatziki ^ Uncle Toby’s fruity bites Rice cracker nibbles PR E Y! PROTEIN FOODS *Add dip from the 40cc or 60cc options. ^Add vegetables from 150cc options Phone us on +61 7 5536 6400 O 150cc 1½ 1 tsp OIL or 1 TBSP LOW FAT SAUCE cups SALAD OR FREE VEG LOW GI CARBS 1 cup cup ¾ ½ cup ¼ cup © 2018 Great Ideas in Nutrition Sunflower seeds 60cc Edamame beans Mashed avocado dip Pepitas Granola Peanuts Mixed nuts 100cc Baked beans Chicken breast Cooked brown rice and quinoa 100cc Avocado cubes Chickpeas (canned) Fruit pole / Apricot Delight Dates Dried figs Dried mango pieces Hazelnuts Cranberries Dried apricots Fruit and nut mix TE MP 60cc Banana chips Cashews Creamy dip / hummus^ S 40cc Almonds Brazil nuts Cheese cubes Beneprotein® is a concentrated source of high-quality, 100% whey protein. Beneprotein® is a protein powder suitable for oral or tube feed use to help meet increased protein requirements and mixes easily with most food and beverages. ER A TEXTURES Accelerate patient understanding and retention with Portion Perfection weight management visual tools. Perfect for Telehealth and face to face! Order your sampler kit at 50% off RRP and see the tools in action here: @portionperfection beneprotein Nutricia Australia Pty Ltd. Talavera Corporate Centre, Level 4 Building D, 12-24 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Click here to discover a #responsibly sweet natural sugar replacement. • Gluten-free, vegan, low carbohydrate and diabetic friendly. • Heat stable for cooking, freezing or in drinks with no aftertaste. • Tastes and measures spoon for spoon like sugar with 93% less calories. #Responsibly Sweet™ Dietitian samples of Lakanto monkfruit sweetener available for our members. Click here NC4633-Apr20 | NUT1138 Every patient you see is different. Individualise their nutrition with Nutricia's oral supplements. The ENSURE ® range can support the immune system through proper nutrition: Ensure® nutritional supplements, ranging from 1.0 kcal to 2.0kcal, provide complete, balanced nutrition, protein, 28 essential vitamins and minerals including antioxidants (vitamins A, C & E), zinc and vitamin D. They come in various formats and delicious flavours to help maximise compliance. Highest Protein. Smallest Volume. Proudly Aussie made and owned - Recover is a delicious fruity protein drink, delivering twice the protein per 100 mL and 5 x less sugar than similar products (11g of protein for quick, easy protein intake). *Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use under medical supervision. ®Registered trade mark of the Abbott Group of Companies. Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd, 299 Lane Cove Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113. ABN 95 000 180 389. Customer Service 1800 225 311. ANZ.2020.3010.ENS.1 © Dietitian Connection | @flavourcreations 30 Infuse | May 2020