Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 | Page 29

PRODUCT SHOWCASE Our industry leading consultants comprised of dietetic, foodservice and IT professionals work with healthcare to deliver innovative, sustainable and evidence-based solutions to improve organisational outcomes.  |  @CBORD MILO® Plant-based Energy is a delicious vegan friendly, dairy alternative MILO® that doesn’t compromise on taste. A source of fibre and essential nutrients iron, zinc and Vitamin B12, which may be limited in plant-based diets. It’s also low GI (45) when prepared with soymilk. Betaglucare is a pharmacy only food made from Scandinavian oats. It binds with bile acid reducing LDL cholesterol and lines the intestinal walls to reduce postprandial blood glucose peaks. Both claims are approved by FSANZ. To order your complimentary healthcare kit (including samples) Click here ENPROCAL is a new generation food supplement, based on whey protein, that provides concentrated nutrition to improve everyday healthy living for everyone. Enprocal Repair is a nutritional supplement powder fortified with L-Arginine designed to support wound recovery. BARLEYmax™ ‘super barley’ is a non-GM, all natural, nutritionally superior wholegrain. Developed by the CSIRO, BARLEYmax™ contains high levels and a diverse range of fibres to address the four major chronic diseases off our time – colo-rectal cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. | @barleymax © Dietitian Connection R E C I P E B O O K Legumes are a nutrition powerhouse! Edgell legumes have 4+ HSR, fibre for gut health & vegetarian plant protein. Help your clients aim for ½ cup of legumes, 3+ times weekly for good health, with this FREE Edgell Love Legumes cookbook. Click here Microba Insight™ is the most comprehensive at- home gut microbiome analysis in Australia. You will receive an in-depth report on the functional potential of your patient's microbiome with nutrition-based interventions to help support clinical outcomes in your practice. | @microbaofficial 29 Infuse | May 2020