Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 | Page 33

PRODUCT SHOWCASE Have you visited our Dietitian Connection COVID-19 resource hub? Stay up to date with information and decisions that affect your practice. Have you had your healthy handful of Australian Almonds today? That’s just 30g of raw or dry roasted almonds daily! Head to the Australian Almonds Health Professional Centre to access FREE webinars, recipes, client and health professional handouts and more! If you aren't already a subscriber, Join Dietitian Connection to get our free email updates and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep track of things as they change. @australianalmonds Example resources you will find in Telehealth page: In recent weeks, the Australian Government has announced changes designed to make sure you can still access the healthcare you need during the COVID-19 crisis, even if you are self-isolating. - Telehealth comparisons What is telehealth? Telehealth refers to the use of technology to deliver health services outside of the usual face-to-face setting. This could be via phone call or videoconference. Is it secure and private? The same privacy requirements that apply to face-to-face consultations apply to telehealth consultations. Practitioners have a responsibility to ensure that their chosen technology solution, whether it is videoconferencing or phone, satisfies privacy laws. - Telehealth flyers The Culture Co.’s new range of 150g probiotic kefir yogurt with no added sugar. With 11 strains of live cultures, including the probiotic B.Lactis – which is scientifically proven to deliver gut health benefits, as part of a balanced diet. Get a good gut feeling with The Culture Co! Will I still get the same level of care? Yes. Telehealth is not appropriate for all healthcare problems, however this initiative will allow many people to continue to receive ongoing care during this time while maintaining physical distancing. If it is more appropriate to see you in person, your dietitian will arrange this - allied health businesses (including dietitians) are permitted to remain operating as an essential service. This is also the case if you don’t have the technology required to participate in a telehealth consultation or if you would simply prefer a face-to-face consultation. Is it covered by Medicare? The recent changes mean that more services and more people are eligible for a Medicare rebate for telehealth services. Please check with your dietitian to determine if you are eligible. If you already have a valid referral to a dietitian from your GP, you do not need to get a new one to access telehealth services. If you do not have a chronic condition or complex needs (i.e. you are not eligible for a Medicare rebate), you may still access a dietitian via telehealth, however there will be a fee. Can I claim the cost on private health insurance? Many private health funds provide rebates for dietetic services. The rebate amount and claim limits will vary from fund to fund, so contact your fund to check your entitlements. Example resources you will find in Critical Care Nutrition: @thecultureco | #TheCultureCo #GetAGoodGutFeeling - Webinar - Podcast - Guidelines If you would like to be included in the next issue of Infuse, please contact Maree [email protected] Supported by Click here to learn more © Dietitian Connection 33 Infuse | May 2020