Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 | Page 26

Hemp Pea protein Hemp has been approved for consumption in Australia, although it has been used as food for centuries in other cultures. The hemp food products are derived from low-THC hemp seeds, which don’t contain the psychoactive substances associated with cannabis. Industrial hemp is a distinct variety of Cannabis sativa L, meaning it won’t make you high. Low-THC hemp products available in Australia include whole hemp seeds, hemp flakes, hemp oil, hemp protein (the part leftover after the oil is extracted) and hemp flour (ground hemp seeds). Pea protein powder or isolate is proving useful for vegans and for people with dairy intolerances or allergies, who can’t eat whey protein from milk. Pea protein is a complete protein. This means that it has all nine of the essential amino acids which your body can’t make and which you have to get from your diet. But while pea protein has around 9 per cent leucine, which is good for building muscle, it is low in methionine, which you would need to get from other sources in your diet. Due to the way it is made, pea protein isolate doesn’t contain the anti-nutrients that peas themselves contain and that prevent absorption of nutrients in the gut. Hemp seeds don’t need soaking, crushing or cooking. Typically around half their content is fat. Their contribution to plant omega-3s such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is outstanding. Hemp provides important vitamins including vitamin E and B group vitamins (such as folate and thiamin), along with minerals like phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and iron, and yes has less than 2 per cent carbohydrates. © Dietitian Connection Collagen Collagen is found in the connective tissues – ligaments, cartilage, muscles, tendons and skin – as well as in the bones of all animals. It is a protein and thus a source of amino acids. Collagen supplements are usually collagen that has been hydrolyzed so that it has been broken down into its constituent peptides. This makes it easier to absorb and use. Collagen can be bought in the form of supplements sold as collagen hydrolysates or peptides but good quality bone broths are excellent home-made sources of collagen. 26 Infuse | May 2020