Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 | Page 19

Work from home like a pro Has social distancing left you working remotely? Here’s seven easy strategies to boost productivity. by Melissa Meier, Marketing and Communications Assistant, Dietitian Connection T he global pandemic that is Covid-19 means home is the new workplace for many. But if you’re a newbie to WFH (working from home), the lack of structure and loneliness can be pretty tricky to navigate – and leave you feeling demotivated and unproductive if you’re not careful. To help get you through it, here’s seven strategies that make WFH a breeze. 1 Keep to office hours Get into ‘work mode’ Going to work isn’t just about your physical presence in the office – the routine that comes along with it is of utmost importance. Of course, WFH gives you the flexibility and freedom to do things you couldn’t do if you were physically in the office (think: put on a load of washing) – but sticking to office hours as much as possible will really help to shift your mindset and set you up for WFH success. It can be nice to skip the morning makeup routine, but when you’re WFH, you should still brush your hair and get out of your pyjamas as you would when you’re going into work. A corporate dress or suit isn’t necessary, but clothing that will make you feel on- task is a wise idea. Goodbye slippers! © Dietitian Connection article continues overleaf... 19 2 Infuse | May 2020