Infuse Issue 11 May 2020 | Page 11

There still seems to be some stigma about seeing a psychologist and we love that you are normalising this. How do you think we can encourage Australians to see qualified health professionals including psychologists and dietitians? four days on the Port Adelaide Football Club pre-season camp and I didn’t leave the poor nutritionist alone. I learnt so much from her that has helped to make my life so much better. You do great work guys! Keep it up. Again, great question. Modelling behaviours is the most powerful way to impact on the people around us. Talk openly about the help that you are seeking to improve your life. We should all see a psychologist. LEARN MORE: @theresilienceproject Ryan Shelton (from the podcast, the man that I love) sees a psychologist. He’s not experiencing a mental illness, but wants to be a better version of himself. He views the consultations as a one-on-one lecture on psychology where he is the subject. We should all be seeing a nutritionist. The food we put in our body has a massive impact on not only our physical wellbeing but also our mental wellbeing. I spent © Dietitian Connection @ResilienceP 11 Infuse | May 2020