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a wonderful, incredibly broad field it is, I was like, "As a girl who loves food and science, this is totally for me!" What inspired you to forge a career as a TV dietitian / nutritionist? Oh again, it was my mom! She sent me this article about dietitians working in the media. I remember putting it on my corkboard and saying, "That's what I want to do." I was so focused from that point forward in believing this was where I was meant to be, that I ended up majoring in nutrition education with a minor in journalism. Then once I’d graduated from my Master's, I started pitching. I pitched editors and producers story ideas; I’d worked hard at a couple of internships, one at CNN and one at CBS. I got a sense of how the business worked and then worked as my own publicist for several years, pitching both nutrition story ideas and myself. Gradually, little by little, I built up a list of people who would call on me to speak on TV or radio, and a couple of publications put their faith in me to write healthy eating articles. Somewhere along the way, I wound up on the right person's contact list, because I got a phone call from a woman who was casting a TV show called Living Better. I auditioned, got hired and the show soon became Living Better with Ellie Krieger. This was my first TV show and the start of really cracking the TV industry! In addition to your TV career, you’ve also successfully authored a number of cookbooks, with your seventh cookbook launching in October... "I think I’ve struck the balance to making the recipes healthy and luscious... whilst being able to be made all in one pan." © Dietitian Connection It’s actually out for presale now, but officially comes out on October 15. It's called Whole In One, and it features complete, healthy meals in a single pot, sheet pan or skillet. I'm really happy with it. Even though it’s my seventh book, every time I write a book, I'm like, "Oh my gosh, this is so hard." It doesn't really get easier, but that’s because I always care deeply about the work. 8 Infuse | September 2019