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ADVERTORIAL Supported by Nestlé Health Science Knowing this, a group of Queensland dietitians have developed a range of measures to support dietitians and other health professionals to translate evidence into their practice. Our colleagues told us they needed training aimed at a foundation level and presented to them online using short snippets to fit in their busy work days 1 . We also knew from our experience and local research, that dietitians need regular support and mentoring to implement change 2 . This led us to develop AH-TRIP – Allied Health Translating Research into Practice, a free online training program informed by science that aims to equip health professionals to translate research into practice 3 . We have since applied the AH-TRIP approach to make significant improvements to the mealtime experience and nutritional intake of older hospital patients. Rather than assume the problem of poor mealtime assistance was poor nursing knowledge about patient assistance needs (as the “red tray” intervention assumes), we used audit and interviews with patients and staff to understand the real problem. Using local and international research evidence, our team developed mealtime assistance and foodservice interventions including “assisted mealtimes”, fortified meals and snacks, and oral nutritional supplements. We implemented these in a way that overcame local barriers such as competing priorities at mealtimes, demands on nursing time and tight foodservice budgets. Key to our success was embedding our mealtime improvements in the Eat Walk Engage program, which is a multidisciplinary program to improve care of older people in hospital. Our efforts have paid off – patients are now eating 20% more energy and protein, and are consistently receiving timely assistance with their meals 4 , even now, nearly five years post-implementation. Above example: The AH-TRIP initiative is a training package designed to prepare clinicians to plan and undertake a translational research project in their practice. © Dietitian Connection If you’re currently implementing a practice change, and feeling a little lost or overwhelmed, you’re not alone! There are tools and training resources available to help, so come try AH-TRIP with us, and make the process of translating research into practice that little bit easier. 26 Infuse | September 2019