Infuse Infuse 9 September 2019 - Page 10

You headed up the nutrition education initiative at the healthy kids' fair on the White House lawn with First Lady Michelle Obama. That must have been an experience?! It was! When Michelle Obama first started the garden at the White House, I was so inspired. I decided to write her a letter and I sent a book along with it. Although I had a PR contact for her assistant, I was basically writing The White House, Pennsylvania Avenue on the address, which just felt unreal. In the letter I offered to be of service. Of course I wasn’t expecting a response, but I actually got a call from her chef leading the initiative, Sam Kass, asking if I could come and participate in this initiative for kids at the White House in about a week’s time. As you can imagine, I sort of had to drop everything that was going on in my life (except my daughter and husband who came along as well), and just embrace the experience. Being able to share this with my little family made it such a wonderful memory as well. As part of it all, I also got the chance to help prep food in the White House kitchen, whilst my daughter just followed Michelle Obama around all day! ELLIE’S HABITS FOR SUCCESS... • Always remaining flexible – Sometimes things go wrong, but they can still be a success! • Say yes and figure it out later • Yoga – It helps me stay balanced, strong, flexible and centred! I also went back for another event that was the Chefs move to schools where I got to work with a group of school kids to harvest the garden and create dishes with them. Incredibly fantastic experience and truly inspiring! © Dietitian Connection • Listen 10 Infuse | September 2019