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1. Understand your target audience Devise a customer avatar to get a crystal clear picture of your ideal client. Define their age, gender, address, income, interests, family situation and where they source their information. By getting into the skin of your clients you can tell the right story to the right people, at the right time. 2. Share your unique story What makes you unique from other dietitians? Think deeply about the “who, what, why and how” of your services so you can communicate these points of difference and build brand value. 3. Be the problem solver What problems do your customers face in their daily life and what are your solutions? Let them know how you can partner with them to get the results THEY want to see – rather than just listing a bunch of services. 4. Connect facts with real life examples Data is a great hook for a story, but it should only play a supporting role. Instead of making statements, make facts come alive by sharing a story about a client who overcame a related challenge by using your services. And never underestimate the power of testimonials, where other people tell your story! 5. Make it personal It goes without saying that trust is the cornerstone of building quality customer relationships. Your clients want to do business with a real person with hopes, dreams and challenges. Don’t be afraid to share your business and life journey and portray a human face to your customers. If you’d like some specific advice about building your brand, get in touch with Amber! Phone 0403 000 330 or Email [email protected] © Dietitian Connection 19 Infuse | September 2019