Infuse Infuse 4 June 2018 - Page 32

Taking Your Food Pix from Flat to I WANT THAT: Top Tips from Photographer & Dietitian Nina Mills T here you are, mindlessly flipping through Insta, when suddenly a glorious shot of grilled halloumi lands in front of you. You forget what you were doing and suddenly You.Need.That.Halloumi.Now. Such is the power of food photography – when done well. But it’s not as easy as pointing and clicking. We turned to pro food photographer Nina Mills for advice on how to take your food shotsfrom flat to I WANT THAT! Nina’s background is not originally in photography – in fact, she’s a dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counsellor. But she fell in love with taking photos of food when creating recipes for her website, From there, she invested time and energies into learning how to do food photography exceptionally well. Nina enjoys shooting in natural light and creating airy, minimalist light images that leave people with no choice but to hit the drooling face emoji! © Dietitian Connection 32 Infuse | June 2018