Infuse Infuse 4 June 2018 - Page 24

Image of Holly Butcher Seizing the Day: How Katie Benton Continues Holly Butcher’s Legacy T his year, Dietitian Connection announced the establishment of a new accolade, to be awarded annually. Called the Carpe Diem Award – “Seize the Day” – it was created to honour the legacy of Brisbane-based dietitian Holly Butcher. Holly left us all way too early when she passed away in January 2018 from Ewing’s Sarcoma. Yet she also left an incredible gift behind: a candid and refreshing letter to the world. In it, she shares her insights as the end of her life approaches, reflects on the fleeting beauty of life – and, of course, reminds us to “Carpe Diem”. Holly’s words have since been shared millions of times via social media because they speak universally to us as humans. (To read Holly’s letter,click here) © Dietitian Connection 24 Infuse | June 2018