Infuse Infuse 4 June 2018 | Page 21

So: back to coaching. In my career, I’ve met so many stars on the rise, and committed my professional time and attention to helping them work through challenges -- because I believed in them. I am so proud of every nutrition leader I’ve coached, and I continue to cheer their successes. I also keep in touch, as a sounding board, as they grow and face new challenges. Why? Because I was coached myself. I have been very fortunate to have lots of coaches – both dietitians, and people outside the dietetics profession. I have admired Professor Sandra Capra for more than two decades now. Sandra has had the most significant impact on my career, having an impact early on in my career as my PhD supervisor, and I’ve yet to meet another dietitian with the breadth and depth of her dietetic knowledge. I’m confident, then, in declaring myself a bit of an expert on coaching. And here’s what else I’ll declare: coaches are not just for new dietitians. Your career will take many twists and turns, and having a coach in your corner can be critical throughout. article continues overleaf... Reference: [1] Source: © Dietitian Connection 21 Infuse | June 2018