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From the Desk of Maree Ferguson Founder & Director, Dietitian Connection A s many of you know,I attend the Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition (FNCE) in the USA each year. This year I had the privilege of hearing Abby Wambach, retired US Olympic gold medal soccer player, deliver her keynote. Abby spoke about getting comfortable with failure. She described many imperfect moments in a soccer game as in life, and how failure can be used as a source of inspiration. In 2015, Abby was benched at the World Cup. She felt angry and embarrassed but she had the choice about how she would respond. Instead of focusing on her ego, she chose to take it on the chin and be the best team player she could by cheering the team on from the sidelines. Abby pointed out that we are allowed to be disappointed but be proud of how you respond –“...eliminate bedtime regret to avoid death bed regret...”. She implored us to focus more on the ‘we’” rather than ‘I’, because it will get you further in the long run. We are often led to believe that we need to compete with each other, however, Abby reminded us to have an abundance mindset and support our colleagues. As a mainly female profession, Abby encouraged us to step into our power, believe in ourselves and demand the ball. We need to live by new rules if we want to change the game. Abby has written about the importance of finding our tribe or pack in her book Wolfpack. LEARN MORE: © Dietitian Connection 4 Infuse | December 2019