Infuse Infuse 10 December 2019 | Page 27

Dietitians often work with chefs. Can you suggest some tips on collaborating with this group? L: The conversation has to go two ways. Chefs don’t always have a strong understanding of nutrition and dietitians can help fill those knowledge gaps. In return, I think chefs could assist dietitians in understanding how simple and quick meals can be with fresh, seasonal food. T: From a chefs perspective it’s also TIME. Time is money and often in short supply. The chefs that come on our tours are wanting to tell that produce story through their menu, and then through the delivery from front of house as well. They’re investing their valuable time to leave their workplace so it’s our responsibility to make it a genuine and worthwhile experience. What are the next big food and culinary trends? L: Hyper-local, seasonal food is just starting to take off. Increasingly, people are going back to basics and looking to procure their food through farmer’s markets and local purveyors, rather than big supermarkets. We are also seeing a shift towards reducing food waste. People are going back to article continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 27 Infuse | December 2019