Infuse Infuse 10 December 2019 | Page 32

The Nuts and Bolts of Weight Neutral Nutrition Counselling with Fiona Willer AdvAPD, Accredited Practising Dietitian and academic in Nutrition and Dietetics Weight neutral frameworks like Health at Every Size and intuitive eating are hotter than ever, with a growing number of dietitians incorporating these principles into their practice. We talked to dietitian and PhD candidate, Fiona Willer, about her research into non-diet nutrition counselling. ‘[Dietetic counselling] made me realise how unhealthy my internal dialogue around food was’ ‘I liked the way the dietitian I was seeing was discussing the relationship between food and emotions, and the goal was better eating, not necessarily losing weight’ ‘Diets do not work and eating a more balanced variety of food is more important’ © Dietitian Connection 32 These were some of the comments that I heard from clients of dietitians when I investigated the suitability of health- centric size acceptance approaches. Traditionally dietitians have provided weight loss advice for larger-bodied people and size-accepting lifestyle advice for smaller-bodied people. However, with the rise of the Health at Every Size (HAES) and intuitive eating movements, this is changing. Infuse | December 2019