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04 Image courtesy of Susan Bowlus Stepinside OCTOBER 2018 ISSUE 03 From the Desk of Maree Ferguson 04 Cover Story:"Science Nerd and Dietitian First": DC Meets the Inspirational Maye Musk 12 Rising Star: Meet Gut-Health Guru Megan Rossi 20 Why So Serious? The Team Behind “The Sarcastic Nutritionist” Isn’t! 24 The Savvy Nutrition Leader: Why You Should Start Podcasting by Kate Agnew 26 How do you DIGEST? 12 28 Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist with 8 tips to help others! by Maree Ferguson 31 Dietitians Snapped! Follow DC on social media for the latest news, content alerts and MORE 20 Submit your photos to Infuse! Dietitian Connection is now accepting submissions of original photographs to be featured in upcoming issues of Infuse. Snap a pic relating to any aspect of food, nutrition, and/or your work, then send it to: [email protected] Infuse it with inspiration, innovation, creativity and, of course, your personality. © Dietitian Connection 2 Infuse | October 2018 - Special FNCE issue