Infinium Global Research Ophthalmic Drugs Market - Page 2

Ophthalmic drugs are the drugs designed for the treatment of eye diseases and disorders. This administration of drug can be done by instillation of a cream, an ointment, or a liquid drop preparation in the conjunctiva sac. The correct strength and amount of the drug are selected, and the medication is instilled into the eye or eyes as directed. The main reason of continuingly strong interest of scientists in these drugs forms is the problem of a low bioavailability of medicinal substance after the application to the eyeball. The ability to increase the bioavailability of the active substances, reducing the susceptibility of drug forms to defense mechanisms of the human eye, extending contact time of drug with the cornea, increasing the penetration through the complex anatomical structure of the eye, and providing controlled release of drugs into the eye tissues which allows reducing the drug application frequency, witnesses the importance of ophthalmic drugs among the aging population suffering from eye disorders are some of the factors contributing to the growth in the global ophthalmic drugs market. For Sample Pages of this Report: Global Ophthalmic Drugs Market is projected to Grow with a CAGR between 5.2% and 5.5% Over the Forecast Period of 2016 – 2022 “The report segments the Ophthalmic Drugs Market by Disease Condition and by Dispense Type.”