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EYE-OPENING OBSERVATIONS EYE-OPENING OBSERVATIONS AS CEO COACH By: Jack Daly FOR THE past 18 months, I have been coaching CEOs from around the world in a variety of industries spanning small-, me- dium- and large-sized businesses. While I’m gratified to see the progress being made by these businesses, I’ve been taken aback by the vast number of areas I uncovered where there are significant shortcomings. Here’s a quick list of 15, after which I will dis- cuss some quick action initiatives aimed at improvement: 1. Vision 2. Business plan 3. Financial plan 4. Cash management 5. Measurement systems/KPIs 6. Organization chart/ key positions 7. Sales involvement 8. Key relationships 9. Mentors/Advisory Board 10. Industry networking 11. Culture/communication/recognition 6 12. Focus 13. Today vs. Tomorrow 14. Continuing education 15. Cheerleader Scoring on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being good and 1 being poor, how would you rate your Leadership on each of these 15? 1. One of the first areas I explore with my potential coach clients is clarity of VISION. I can’t help you get there if you