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BUILDING RESOURCES BUSINESS-BUILDING RESOURCES If You Need Help, We Have The Resources! WE KNOW PEOPLE Sales Management Coaching: Every business needs a sales playbook. We help you coach, build, and implement Jack Daly’s proven systems and processes into your customized playbook. Free coaching session to start. We help you get sales right. The right people, the right systems, and the right leadership help to grow results by Jack Daly design. We deliver a customized coaching plan focused on achieving your sales growth goals: assessment and strategy, skill development, action game plan, and accountability to action. Personality Profiling: This versatile management tool can be used to ensure you hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication, and build sound employee- manager relationships. Recruiting: We become strategic partners in helping your company discover how the right talent can accelerate the growth of your business. How can you find a seasoned sales manager? Finding top performing sales pros is tough. We can help! managers, and sales professionals with the tools, knowledge, and application to successfully sell in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. When you complete the curriculum, you will have the tools and knowledge to grow the sales of your business, grow the sales organization of your business in quantity and quality, and effectively build a culture that attracts A-players. Send Out Cards: Your all-in-one resource for sending thank-you notes and all other important milestone correspondence. Our unique online greeting- card-and-gift system invites everyone to act quickly when prompted to reach out to others—there has never been an easier way to send a genuine card or gift. Digital Design and Development: Award-winning custom web applications, mobile apps, and websites. Technology to simplify the connection between you and your customers. Contact Jennifer at [email protected] or 888-298-6868 for further details and additional information on our exclusive list of resources. Hire Top Performers: Discover the science behind the hire. Take the complexity and guesswork out of the hiring process by putting the right tools in front of your managers. Fully scripted telephone and personal interviews and scorecards with sample responses that allow managers to evaluate candidates with confidence are just a few examples. These tools turn your management team into a superstar talent selection squad! Open The Doors: We can help you generate these appointments so salespeople can focus on closing more sales. At times, companies want to increase sales faster than their salespeople can generate leads. If companies could increase the number of appointments with new prospects, they could close more sales. It’s a challenge because sellers are often busy closing sales and have trouble finding the time to get more meetings. We can help you generate these appointments so salespeople can focus on closing more sales. Author = Authority: Grow your sales by becoming a professional published author. Create, publish, and market a book that will grow your business. Compensation: When you correctly align sales-personnel pay with company objectives, you get a win-win outcome for both sellers and the company. Jack Daly Sales U: Curriculum designed to provide Entrepreneurs & CEOs, sales 31