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CONTENTS Feature story 6 Eye Opening Observations Jack Daly Letter From Jack 3 Welcome! Ask Jack Insights From The Expert Starting A Blog Gary Vaynerchuk 4 Most of my readers are well acquainted with my history of goal setting and attendant accomplishments, a process I discovered at the age of 13 after interviewing 200 successful business owners. While I always have goals that provide short-term incentive/ rewards to further fuel more accomplishments, the longer-term goals are where the bigger challenges occur. It’s all about “stick- to-itiveness.” This year was one for the ages! In April, I finished my 50th state marathon. I chose New Jersey for this accomplishment, the state where I spent my formative years. And speaking of years, this journey took me 14 years. One month later found me on the Great Wall of China, knocking down my seventh continent in my quest to complete a marathon on all seven continents, taking a full 10 years to accomplish this goal (and yes, that included a marathon on Antarctica). As a lesson in Leadership, this year marked the finish of my visiting all the Presidential libraries in the USA; when you next see me, ask for some of the juicy tidbits on that journey! And, speaking of long-term goals, with the playing of the Pine Valley golf course, I’m now at 95 of the Top 100 golf courses in the USA, 18 years and counting! And, if you are looking for life goal ideas or want to offer help with mine, visit and check out my Bucket List. Keys to success here can be succinctly stated: 1) putting the goals down in writing and going public with them (it’s amazing how many people will come out of nowhere to help you with your goals, as long as they know what they are!); 2) having a system of accountability; and 3) tracking and measuring activities, which enables one to break the big goals down into bite-sized pieces, instilling momentum toward your success. As is normal for this magazine, we have several thought leaders and business professionals sharing their life nuggets toward our success. Additionally, you will find interviews with my Hyper Growth Clients, a Q&A with me, and several articles I’ve written to up your game, whether you are a sales professional or business leader. None of this matters without your commitment to “take action.” All too often, we see our well-intended readers and participants in our workshops being distracted by the urgencies of the day at the expense of the important. Here’s my suggestion: pick three action initiatives from this magazine issue and implement them into your life and business. BAM! 9 Stop Sugarcoating 10 Ashley Turner The Power Of Gathering Intelligence 12 Jordan Belfort Successful Marketing Leaders Andrew Davis 14 The Feedback Sandwich Adam Grant 16 Your Next Big Referral John Ruhlin 20 Career Reinvention Liz Ryan 22 Build Up Your Business Verne Harnish 24 Kevin Ginsburg Interview 26 Keys To Hyper Sales Growth 28 Building Business Resolutions 31 3