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SALES MANAGEMENT An Interview With Kevin Ginsburg Sales Management In Action By: Jack Daly AS SOON as I met Kevin, I knew I needed to interview him—a supersuccessful sales professional who successfully made the conversion to National Sales Manager. It just doesn’t happen very often with success. Starting out as a retail salesperson in his early 20s, he found his start to best be char- acterized as “struggling.” Three years later, in a company with hundreds of salespeople, Kevin made it to No.8. The key was when he went to the No.1 producer and decided to mirror everything she was doing. Yep, that simple. Often the very best advice to our success is inside our companies yet is too often overlooked. From there, Kevin took a gamble and traveled from Texas to North 26 Carolina for months to open a new location. Along the way, he discovered his passion, spending over a decade opening new offic- es around the country. Today he is National Sales Manager at my client Legacy Mutual in San Antonio. Let’s learn from Kevin. 1. Straightaway, I asked for his top three actions for sales success. 1) Relentless