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IRONMAN LESSONS IRONMAN LESSONS LEARNED With Jack Daly WHEN I took on the Ironman sport about six years ago, I didn’t know how to swim and I hadn’t been on a bike since I was a teenager. Now, I’ve competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kailua- Kona, Hawaii, and the Half Ironman World Championships, and I represented Team USA in the Long Course World Championship Triathlon. I find a lot of the same themes in both of these sports that I love—that is, the Ironman sport and the sport of sales and sales management. Growing oneself and growing one’s business have much in common, as I have learned in my journey. Attitude is central to success, for example. Fifty percent or more of success at anything in life is a head case. It has to do with getting up in the morning and saying, “Give it everything that you’ve got.” If you bring that to your business, or if you bring that to the Ironman sport, you have the differentiated advantage. There are many days in the Ironman world when I don’t want to get up in the morning and do that 5 a.m. run, and it’s not easy to sit on a stationary bike for three hours watching some television show that I’d rather not see just because I need the training to prepare for that great day. It’s the same in sales. Some days, salespeople just have to make themselves get out in the field and make those face-to- face calls. You have to pick up that phone and take that share of rejection that you know will be coming. I say this: if you go about that business with a negative attitude, then your performance is going to be lacking. Whether it is race day or sales day, a positive attitude improves your game. Fifty percent is in your head. You need a goal. Long before I knew how to swim, I set a goal to be in Hawaii competing in the Ironman World Championship. That goal dates back to some thirty years ago when I watched Julie Moss crawl across the finish line in an Ironman competition. I waited a long time before moving to fulfill that goal because I didn’t have the time to train adequately when I had 6