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CONTENTS Feature story 6 Jack Daly: Ironman Lessons Letter From Jack 3 Ask Jack Insights From The Expert 4 Ironman Lessons 6 Best Time to Never Send Email Restorative Leadership Courageous Leaders Neil Pasricha Path to Success 9 2017 was a year of significant HIGHs and LOWs. On the high notes, with the publishing of The Sales Playbook, we made it three consecutive years to the #1 Best Business Seller status on Amazon, and we debuted GET JACK’D Magazine. Additionally, I launched my CEO Coaching business as well as creating the Sales Manager Forum. On the low note, my wife of 47 years, Bonnie, passed away from cancer on November 11. Since many of our readers know how I’ve always talked so fondly of her from the speaking stage, here are my hubby thoughts. Bonnie will be with me emotionally forever and will be missed. Yet, in the lead up to her death, she and I shared many thoughts and recollections of a life well lived and shared. We met as teenagers and shared 52 years together. The word we found ourselves using more than any other was GRATITUDE. In our 52 years together, Bonnie found herself in the hospital just twice, to deliver two healthy babies (all grown up now with their own families!). We have been blessed with seeing most of the world together and count many of those we’ve met along the way as our friends. Compared to most in life, we’ve led a financially secure life as well. We all eventually die, and doing so at 67 years old is surely too young. But, given the above, who are we to complain? We shared a truly magical life of love. Now, to business. In this issue, you will find several articles from close friends who are considered thought leaders in their respective fields. Along the way, I personally have several content articles aimed to up your performance in sales, sales management, and entrepreneurialism. Keep in mind that beyond the print version of this magazine, a digital version is available at I know what works as a top performing sales professional and successful builder of companies. It’s about ACTION, not THEORY. This magazine will give you the actions to add to your success. However, it’s not about knowing what to do—it’s about DOING! My hope is you will invest the time to discover the “whats” and then take the actions to enjoy more success. Live your life to the fullest, 10 12 Gary Vaynerchuk Sales vs. Branding 14 Mel Robbins Five Second Rule 16 Deb Gabor Brand Personality 20 Career Mentors 22 Customer Xperience Executive 24 From Startup to Industry #1 With Liz Elting 26 The Choice of Being Successful 28 Business-Building Resources 31 If You Need Help, We Have The Resources! 3