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CONTENTS Feature story 12 Coaching: It’s An Ongoing Process Letter From Jack 5 Sales Contests Equal Increased Revenues & Profits 6 Six Hacks To Drive Massive Referrals 9 Nine Critical Questions Incredibly Successful People Ask Themselves 10 Your Brain On Stress The Human Epidemic 14 About TED A Tale Of Empowerment 16 The Power Of Beliefs In Business 20 Building Your Focus Cave Avoiding Distractions 22 Are You Curious To Learn “Lean”? Lean Culture Recruiting For Success 24 25 How Bad Do You Want It? 26 Having Grit Salespeople Annoy Their Marketplace! 28 Ask Jack Insights From The Expert SPRING 2017 Welcome to GET JACK’D Magazine! Welcome to GET JACK’D Magazine! Wow, that sure sounded weird. This is our first of two issues per year and we hope to bring our audiences business-building ideas that will enable them to positively distance themselves from the competition. After building six fast-growing businesses into national firms in the United States, I’ve invested my time these last two decades speaking and training around the world. My audiences have included Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Owners, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals. We are confident in our street-proven systems and processes, focused on Sales, Sales Management, Culture and Life by Design. The number of companies and individuals we have helped over the years is without parallel and extremely gratifying. Our intent with this magazine is to keep the reader abreast of innovative ways to go about growing personally and professionally. As well, the content of the magazine should remind you of tried-and- true strategies and tactics. Each of the articles in this magazine is driven by our intent to provide the reader with actionable items. In other words, short on theory, long on action. Our readers—like our clients—are people who appreciate easily implementable things that work. No rocket science here. Our goal as well is that the contents of the magazine occasionally put a smile on your face. Smiles work. People do business with people they like, and they tend to like people who smile more than they frown. If you find the magazine helpful, please share its existence with your prospects, customers, clients, and colleagues. Thanks in advance for that and enjoy the journey. Time to begin reading— Readers are Leaders! Respectfully, 30 Jack Daly 5