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“ Each day , incredibly successful people figure out the one thing they need to accomplish that day and focus their efforts on it . “

of thinking power available whenever it ’ s required . 8 . Is This Good For My Body ?
Physical complications can draw focus and energy from important efforts . Incredibly successful people know they need their bodies in good condition to stay actively engaged in their pursuits . They commit to a healthy life and selfcorrect when things get out of whack . 9 . Did I Make People Feel Good Today ?
Accomplishment without generosity and gratitude is hollow and sad . Incredibly successful people feel successful only when others share in the joy and credit of accomplishment .
Kevin Daum
Kevin Daum is the best selling author of Video Marketing for Dummies and ROAR ! Get Heard in the Sales and Marketing Jungle ; and columnist for Inc . com and Contributing Editor at Young Presidents ’ Organization ( YPO ). Mr . Daum is an Inc . 500 CEO , with more than $ 1 billion in sales record , who grew his online audience from 50,000 followers to more than 800,000 in less than 18 months .
Selling is often hard and painful ; most people struggle with it . Make it easier by creating a compelling message that speaks to lots of different people . ROAR ! uses a fun and entertaining story to show you EXACTLY how to create the right message , deliver it consistently , and connect with all of the different buyers . Published by John Wiley & Sons