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CONTENTS Feature story 14 Jack Daly: Relationships Letter From Jack 3 Ask Jack Insights From The Expert 4 Life by Design 5 Who Is Your Swim Coach? 6 Welcome to GET JACK’D Magazine! This is the second issue of GET JACK’D Magazine, and based on the many positive comments we received about issue one, we are Negotiation Shortcut To Save Time, 9 onto something of great value to the market. Of particular note Raise Fees And Win The Deal is the special digital version of the magazine ( QkNL), which is easily shared with others in your company as well You Say You Have Relationships With 10 as with your customers. Your Customers? Prove It! The big news since publishing issue one was making it to Times Square! Not once, but twice on the big screens with Amazon #1 Tony Rubleski 12 Best Sellers Hyper Sales Growth and The Sales Playbook. Our targeted audience is Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Characteristics Leaders Possess Managers, and Sales Professionals. Our articles are designed to increase your revenue line along with your profit line if you are a Susan Cain 16 business owner. If you are a producer, then you will find business- Public Speaking building actions throughout, which should translate to earning you higher income. Five Tips For Connecting 20 I’m blessed with a network of thought leaders and business With Professionals professionals that have agreed to share their wisdom with our readership. As well, you will find interviews with my clients that Gary Vaynerchuk 22 are growing at incredible paces compared to the market and Complaining their competitors, giving us tips on how to do likewise. And a fun feature of the magazine is the “Ask Jack” section, where I take on The Skills Needed For The Future 24 questions from around the world and provide us all with insights on how to wrestle down current challenges and opportunities. Are You Ready? As I often share with my live audiences, the key is not the content here. The key is for you to “take action.” Think about repurposing No Sales, No Company: 25 the content here into your Sales Playbook. Remember that the Sales Trainer Offers Tips For Sales Success Sales Playbook for a Company is never “done” but a continual work-in-progress. All too often, we get caught up in the day-to- The 5 Planks Of Door -Opening Success TM 27 day and leave behind the differentiators that will win you more business. Of course we want you to enjoy the reading, and we Who Doesn’t Like A Kiwifruit? 28 hope you find the content not only of value but also fun. But at the end of the day, our greatest hope is you grow your business A Game-Winning Sales Playbook 30 as a result of the content provided here. And with that, GET JACK’D! Business-Building Resources 31 If You Need Help, We Have The Resources! Respectfully, 3