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CONNECTING WITH PROFESSIONALS 5 TIPS FOR CONNECTING WITH WORLD-CLASS PROFESSIONALS EVERY businessperson needs allies. That’s why successful industry experts, authors and consultants don’t operate in a silo; they have a following and tribe that surpass company and industry lines. These allies have influence, and befriending them can provide endless benefits for your business, as they have for mine. Building relationships with influencers is never a one-and-done deal. Earning introductions and respect takes hard work and careful planning. But when you forge meaningful connections with important 20 20 people, you’ll get help on projects, meet new allies and get introduced to groups that will raise your profile. Here are five ways to make connections with world-class professionals based on my own experience: 1. Become Known As An Expert VIPs don’t want to waste time when networking. They would much rather learn something from interacting with you. That’s why it’s crucial to find your niche and dominate it. You need to create great content and