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CONTENTS Jack Daly How Bad Do You Want It? 2 Letter From Mike Mallory 4 Dale Partridge Ten Powerful Quotes 6 Mike Mallory Creating A Growth Roadmap 8 Bob Anderson Scaling Leadership 10 Michael Bungay Stanier How To Coach 14 Welcome to C•SUITE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE! PUBLISHER Carle Publishing Inc. EDITOR Erika MacLeod GRAPHIC DESIGN Jessica Embree CONTENT COORDINATOR Stacey Cowperthwaite CONTRIBUTORS Dale Partridge Michael Mallory Michael Bungay Stanier Jack Daly Bob Anderson Welcome to the inaugural edition of C-Suite Atlantic. It is my pleasure to bring you insights from some of today’s premier thought leaders. C-Suite Atlantic is a natural extension of my work towards my personal vision: to improve Atlantic Canada’s competitiveness by enhancing its companies’ management skills. Currently, I work with over 100 executives to develop their intellectual capital. Those activities include the following: • As TEC Chair, leading two peer advisory groups of successful CEOs in a comprehensive program of coaching, thought leadership, and skills development • A similar TEC program for a group of CFOs • As Executive-in-Residence at the Wallace McCain Institute, helping small-scale entrepreneurs focus on the priorities they identify as the key to their growth and success • Developing skills of middle to senior managers in my Rising Stars program I am publishing C-Suite Atlantic to add new perspectives to those involved in the programs I already have in place and to reach other value adders. You can gain additional insights by visiting my website ( which contains further articles from top thought leaders. So I hope you get value from the ideas contained in these pages. If you have questions or thoughts, I would welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact me at any time by email at mike@ or by phone at (506) 449-3410. PHOTOGRAPHY All images are sourced from Carle Publishing Inc. or unless otherwise identified. Photo Credit Mike Mallory: Keith Minchin C-Suite Atlantic is published by Carle Publishing Inc. All content, copyright © 2018, Carle Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced, all or in part, without written consent from the publisher. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all content in this publication, however, neither the publisher nor Michael Mallory will be held responsible for omissions or errors. Articles, reports and information contained herein reflect the views of the individuals who wrote or prepared them and do not necessarily represent the position of the publisher or Michael Mallory. The material herein is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing herein is to be considered the rendering of security advice for specific cases or circumstances. Communication of any legal information contained herein does not constitute an attorney-client relationship, nor convey legal advice or recommendation of any kind. Do not rely on information contained herein to replace consultation with qualified industry leaders or other professionals in your jurisdiction. Please address all editorial and advertising inquiries to Carle Publishing Inc., Email: erika@ Carle Publishing Inc. is not held responsible for the loss, damage or any other injury to unsolicited material (including but not limited to manuscripts, artwork, photographs and advertisements). Unsolicited material must be included with a self-addressed, overnight- delivery return envelope, postage prepaid. Carle Publishing Inc. and Michael Mallory will not give or rent your name, mailing address, or other contact information to third parties. Subscriptions are complimentary for qualified individuals. Best regards, Mike Mallory TEC CHAIR CARLE PUBLISHING Phone: (877) 719-8919 Website: 4