Industry Magazine CRM Watch Spring 2018 | Page 2 SPRING ’18 HIGHLIGHTS THAT WE’RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT Spring ’18 was packed with over 300 updates, retiring over 111,000 points from the IdeaExchange. Here are 10 of our favorites: • Einstein Forecasting Beta — Take the guesswork out of forecasting. Use artificial intelligence to get more visibility into how your teams are doing. See pages 28 and 29 for more information. • Lightning Path for More Objects — Add a Path to any standard object using any standard picklist field. See pages 6 and 7 for more information. • Options for Lead Conversion — Administrators have the ability to check “don’t create an opportunity” by default on the lead conversion page or to hide it all together. • View Account and Client Hierarchies from the Record Header. • Manage List Emails with the List Emails Tab. • Search for Emails from the Global Search Bar. • GDPR Compliance — See page 8 of this magazine for more information. • Personalized Navigation (In Lightning Experience) — Gives users the ability to personalize their navigation bar and create temporary tabs. • Create Your Own Themes and Branding — You can create custom themes and backgrounds for your Salesforce instance. • Updated Macro Functionality — The look and feel has been updated, and enhancements such as quick text have been added to macros. Recipient receiving an award from The Veterans Business Battle Competition. See for more information on this great organization. As a Salesforce partner, The Fury Group is a committed participant in Salesforce’s 1-1-1 Model of Integrated Philanthropy in which we donate one percent of profits, services, and time to deserving nonprofits. In this issue, we are spotlighting our work for the Veterans Business Battle (, a partnership between the Houston chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Rice University’s VIBA (Rice Veterans in Business Association). Veterans Business Battle gives veterans an opportunity to pitch their business concept before a panel of investors—in the vein of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank—and awards capital to the most deserving ideas. A major draw for entrepreneurial-minded veterans, the competition attracts over 100 submissions each year. Finalists have the opportunity to attend workshops geared toward businesses in the early stages of development, network with other entrepreneurs and consultants, and get feedback and advice on their sales pitches. To date, the Veterans Business Battle has raised more than $2.3 million in investment offers and is currently the largest veterans’ business competition in the country. The Fury Group has supported Veterans Business Battle by developing, implementing, and maintaining Salesforce to help administer the event’s registration and applicant-tracking process. “It was very fulfilling for us to help this veterans organization by replacing their outmoded spreadsheets with modern technology that will make them much more efficient,” said Paul K. Fury, founder and CEO of The Fury Group. “It’s a great organization that we’re proud to support.” 2