Industry Magazine Beyond the Kitchen Door Magazine Fall 2019 | Page 2

TEX AS CREOLE Ma Harper and our San Antonio Branch Manager, Oscar Estrella. TEXAS CREOLE: MA HARPER AND N’AWLINS CREOLE KITCHEN SINCE 1990, Ma Harper and N’Awlins Creole Kitchen have been a staple of the San Antonio restaurant scene. Serving family-style Creole food straight from a New Orleans native, the restaurant has become a beacon for foodies everywhere in and around the San Antonio area. With the exposure the restaurant has received from nationally televised shows, its popularity has only grown over time. Even if you aren’t from San Antonio, it’s likely you have seen Ma Harper and her restaurant due to the coverage she receives, not only from her quality cooking but also her personality. After all, she is known as the Alamo City Legend in the city of San Antonio. She has been visited by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs; appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; and has been featured in dozens of 2 magazine articles and television shows over the years. “Ma” Harper is actually Alice Harper, born in New Orleans. After serving 21 years in the United States Air Force as a civilian pneudraulic systems mechanic, she eventually landed in San Antonio and opened up N’Awlins. During her time working for the Air Force, she worked at Kelly Air Force Base, so the