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SERVOMEX.COM FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED ONLINE PRESCRIBE THE BEST! IN THIS ISSUE P04 IG MARKET FOCUS IN THIS EDITION, FIND OUT WHY SERVOMEX IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR MEDICAL GAS PRODUCTION. Free downloads Request a quote What does the future hold for the medical gas sector? P06 We also explore the current conditions in the market, and demonstrate Servomex’s comprehensive, accurate solutions for ensuring gas purity. The benefits of our latest multi-gas analyzer, the SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100, are explained, including the way it seamlessly integrates with the AquaXact 1688 moisture sensor. Find your local business center SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E Discover the future of multi-gas analysis with our four-sensor digital analyzer platform for industrial and medical gases. See the benefits of our O 2 analyzer for industrial gas applications, designed to integrate with the AquaXact 1688 moisture sensor. SERVOPRO MonoExact DF150E INSIDE SERVOMEX USA Watch why this digital Coulometric oxygen analyzer is the trusted choice for your industrial applications. Explore our manufacturing base for oxygen and moisture analyzers. The hub for global IG and semiconductor support. CO 2 He Ar Meet the SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100, our next-generation analyzer platform. ENSURING PURITY FOR MEDICAL GASES IG/semiconductor customers are now served by our Purity and Specialty team, which is even better suited than before to delivering our application-based expertise. SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 CH 4 N 2 CO P08 We explore how this advanced moisture-sensing capability extends to provide key measurements throughout the air separation unit process. SEE THE FULL PICTURE ONLINE N 2 O O 2 This provides the next step forward following the move to make our US Technical Center (US TC) Servomex’s center of excellence for IG and semiconductor gas analysis. The newest member of the reorganized team is Douglas Barth ([email protected]), who joined Servomex last year as Senior Global Product Manager. Application study: systems capability to serve the medical gas market. P10 SERVICE FOCUS Servomex’s expert support for ultra- high-purity gas analyzers. Impurities Based at our US TC in Woburn, MA, Douglas is instrumental in the development and release of our future IG analyzer platforms. He also provides support for our recent releases including the AquaXact 1688, SERVOPRO MonoExact DF150E, SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E and the SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100. ppm Product compression MultiExact 4100 MonoExact DF310E A TOTAL SOLUTION FOR ASU ANALYSIS Learn how our next-generation products provide the measurements you need across your ASU processes. This understanding will help customers find the right solutions for their process, and will assist us in continuing to develop the right products to meet the needs of the IG industry. A DUAL ANALYSIS SOLUTION MonoExact DF310E MultiExact 4100 DISTILLATION COLUMN GAN Chroma Low press AquaXact 1688 MultiExact 4100 Chroma MultiExact 4100 FID FID MultiExact 4100 Plasma Chroma MultiExact 4100 Plasma Chroma MultiExact 4100 MultiExact 4100 AquaXact 1688 High press MultiExact 4100 COLD BOX MultiExact 4100 HC REMOVAL FID AquaXact 1688 MOLECULAR SIEVE ABSORBER COOLER MonoExact DF310E COMPRESSOR MultiExact 4100 FID FILTER AIR Chroma Chroma AquaXact 1688 AquaXact 1688 P14 The SERVOPRO MonoExact DF310E and AquaXact 1688 combine for oxygen and moisture measurements. Our combined analyzers, system and service solutions for the IG market. P02 FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT This magazine is published by Servomex Group Limited, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 3FB. Editorial enquiries and feedback should be sent to Colin Jones, Marketing Communications Director. Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] @servomex FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT Chroma AquaXact 1688 CO 2 HC & H 2 O Removal Analyzer guide starts on page 16 MultiExact 4100 AquaXact 1688 See our latest product ranges. Watch at MonoExact DF310E AquaXact 1688 GOX EXPERT FOCUS Global Sales Manager, Purity & Specialty Division. GOX = Gaseou GAN = Gaseou PURE ARGON COLUMN MAIN HEAT EXCHANGERS P15 Jim Belanger LIN = Liquid Nitrogen GAR = Gaseous Argon CRUDE ARGON COLUMN Chroma P11 With a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from The Ohio State University and 17 years of analytical instrumentation experience, Douglas brings to Servomex a wealth of applications knowledge from both the semiconductor and industrial market spaces, which will directly benefit our customers. Our Purity and Specialty team is ready to supply the solutions and expertise to help you overcome the process challenges you may face in 2018 and beyond. Contact us today to find out more. LAR = Liquid Argon LOX = Liquid Oxygen % MonoExact DF310E GAR Make an enquiry MULTI-GAS ANALYSIS: EVOLVED (search Servomex Group) P03