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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE SERVOMEX INDUSTRIAL GAS GROUP. Free downloads P04 IG MARKET FOCUS What lies ahead for the specialty gas sector? Welcome to the first edition of our new magazine focused on the industrial gas (IG) market sector. Servomex began its journey into the industrial gas market when its founders developed an advanced version of a Paramagnetic oxygen sensor using a platinum feedback loop. This landmark innovation became the basis for a business that has grown over seven decades to become a world leader in IG gas sensing. Request a quote Over that time we have maintained our IG technical and manufacturing edge, aided first by the opening of a state-of- the-art Technical Centre in Crowborough, UK, in 2008, and then by the creation of the R&D/manufacturing US Technical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2010. The Boston facility has since grown into our center of excellence for IG, becoming the central hub that supports our IG business across the world, providing production and application support with local-for-local sales and service in the regions. SEE THE FULL PICTURE ONLINE SERVOMEX OXYDETECT INSIDE SERVOMEX USA Our non-depleting Paramagnetic oxygen monitor available for safe and hazardous areas – see the benefits Explore our manufacturing base for oxygen and moisture analyzers, and hub for global IG and semiconductor support P06 PRODUCT PREVIEW: MULTIEXACT 4100 MULTI-GAS ANALYZER The successor to the SERVOPRO 4100 and the MultiExact 5400. P07 OLD FRIENDS, NEW FACES DF MonoExact analyzers raise the bar for oxygen analysis. P07 AquaXact 1688 DEBUTS Today’s Servomex IG group provides a wider range of gas analyzers than any other company in the world, with single and multi-component analyzers using 16 core technologies, capable of measuring 14 different gas components over a wide range of concentrations. A new era for accurate moisture measurement. As an ever-evolving organization, we continue to develop our product lines, with multiple new analyzer launches set to emerge from our US Technical Center in 2017 to support the continually growing global IG market. These innovations mean our customers can look forward to an enhanced capability for automation and calibration features, dovetailing with a lower overall cost of ownership. We are looking to further enhance our product line, lowering cost of ownership for our customers while ensuring that they don’t have to retrain to use our analyzers as they improve. Our IG team is ready to help you find the right solutions for your process in 2017 and beyond – so get in touch with us today. P08 PERFECT PARTNERSHIP A dual analyzer solution for monitoring solder reflow furnaces. P10 SERVICE FOCUS Benefits of remote certification for the DF-700 series. P11 DF-700 SERIES SERVOFLEX PORTABLES See all the benefits of our ultra-trace moisture analyzers, monitoring high performance in specialist environments Four gas analyzers in 60 seconds – see why we’ve made gas analysis easy to handle in this product range movie NITROGEN KEY: MAIN HEAT EXCHANGERS COLD BOX MultiExact 5400, MultiExact 4100 0-20% O 2 FILTER PRODUCT STORAGE: LIN = Liquid Nitrogen LAR = Liquid Argon LOX = Liquid Oxygen MonoExact DF310E / LIN WARM OF LIQUEFIER COLD BOX PPU (MOLE SIEVE) FID Chroma 0-10/100ppm THC Impurities OXYGEN LIQUID H 2 O GASEOUS COMPRESSOR H 2 O, CO 2 , HC IMPURITY REMOVAL COLUMN ‘COLD BOX’ MultiExact 5400, MultiExact 4100, FID 98%-100% 0-10ppm 0-2 0-100/100ppm O 2 CO 2 N 2 O THC MultiExact 5400, MultiExact 4100, Chroma 80%-100% 0-2000ppm ARGON 0-20% O 2 N 2 Ar COLUMN MonoExact DF310E / CRYOGENIC DISTILLATION MultiExact 5400, MultiExact 4100, Chroma 98%-100% 0-10ppm O 2 Impurities P14 EXPERT FOCUS Analyzer guide starts on page 16 P02 FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT s This magazine is published by Servomex Group Limited, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 3FB. Editorial enquiries and feedback should be sent to Colin Jones, Marketing Communications Director. Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] @servomex MultiExact 5400, MultiExact 4100 Chroma 98%-100% 0-10ppm O 2 Impurities MultiExact 5400, Plasma, Chroma 0-1/10ppm 0-10ppm 90%-100% O 2 N 2 Impurities Ar LOX PARTIALLY CONDENSED See our latest product ranges. 0-1/10ppm 0-10ppm 90%-100% O 2 N 2 Impurities Ar LAR How the multi-gas monitoring system can improve your process. Watch at MultiExact 5400, Plasma, Chroma INTERNAL REFRIGERATION COOL Exploring the Servomex solutions for this key IG process. PRODUCT COMPRESSION: GAR = Gaseous Argon GAN = Gaseous Nitrogen GOX = Gaseous Oxygen GAN WARM MultiExact 5400, FID 0-100ppm 0-10/100ppm CO 2 THC Global IG Sector Manager. GAS ANALYSIS IN AIR SEPARATION UNITS Jim Belanger ARGON PRODUCT MonoExact DF310E/ COMPRESSION MultiExact 5400, Chroma 0-1/10ppm 0-10ppm 90-100% O 2 Impurities Ar GAR MonoExact DF310E/ MultiExact 5400, Chroma 0-1/10ppm 0-10ppm O 2 Impurities GAN MultiExact 5400, FID, Chroma 98%-100% 0-10ppm O 2 CO 2 THC Impurities Ar GOX (search Servomex Group) FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT s P03 MonoExact DF310E / PRODUCT STORAGE MultiExact 5400 MultiExact 4100, Chroma 0-1/10ppm 0-10ppm O 2 Impurities THE ONLINE RESOURCE SUPPORTING YOUR GAS ANALYSIS NEEDS IN THIS ISSUE DEAR READER SERVOMEX.COM