Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 67

SELF STUDY resonance is felt. Einstein must have been absorbed in nature when he came to the conclusion, “everything in life is vibration.” During our hectic lives we are operating within a bandwidth of consciousness that ties us to knotted complexity. Here, reality exists through our continuous and often relentless patterns of thought. Trapped in a cycle of action and reaction, thoughts generate their own dense vibration, further entangling us. Nature vibrates on a different level. It is a pure and powerful force. It induces the mind to settle, to generate space, and to begin harmonizing with its own pure and subtle vibration. Breathing regulates, heart rhythm stabilizes, blood pressure is reduced. Feelings of acceptance, forgiveness, and wellbeing blossom. In an instant, you’ve traveled the distance from the head to the heart. Becoming Your Own Greenspace There are the rare few who’ve had a spontaneous heart awakening. But for most it takes time and practice. Since it’s not practical or even necessary to sit in the park every day, here are some tips for making peace with your mind and becoming your own Greenspace. Set aside a dedicated space in your home for regular meditation. Early morning is best before your mind gets the chance to run away. Unplug from your devices. Make your space a stimulus free zo