Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 53

FAMILY & KIDS Windsail Standing Chest Opener Base person grounds himself and holds the hands of his partner as she faces away from him. The smaller partner stands far enough away to create a little tension in the hold allowing her chest to open as she squeezes her shoulder blades together and leans forward. High Five Seated partner, palm to palm Both partners sit facing each other with legs crisscrossed, knees touching. Place palms together finding a balance where neither person is pushing harder than the other. Begin to sync your breath. (Note: children often take shorter breaths.) Close your eyes. Notice the touch of your hands. Let go of distractions. Listen to the sound of your breathing. Try to hold pose for 5-6 breathes to begin with or until your child begins to squirm. Seated Partner Twist Both partners sit tall back to back with legs crisscrossed. Inhale. Arms go up. Exhale. Twist to the right. Left hand moves to right knee and right hand moves to partner’s left knee. Hold for 3 breaths. On next inhalation, arms go up. Exhale. Twist to the left reaching for partner’s other knee. Hold for 3 breaths. Repeat back and forth a couple times, perhaps changing the tempo to keep kids engaged. Younger kids especially love trying movement like this in “hyper drive.” Position 1 INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I Position 2 51