Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 - Page 36


Indiana Made

Local artisans and small businesses that make us proud to live in Indiana .
Presto Kombucha
Presto Kombucha currently offers several kombucha profiles including a Raw Cold Brew Original , Ginger , Orange , Pineapple Orange , Pineapple Jalapeño ( with Yerba Mate ), Cranberry Raspberry , Lavender Hops , Apple Jasmine , Cherry Vanilla , Blueberry Oolong , Espresso , Watermelon Agua Fresca , Rose , Apple Garam Masala Kava , and more . Our kombucha production process involves the cold steeping of ingredients , cold pressing of juices and house roasting of a single origin fair trade organic coffee . The fermentation process for
She prides herself on having creativity , sustainabilthe kombucha takes between ten and thirty days . Presto Kombucha recently launched five flavors in 8 fl oz Boston Round amber glass bottles . Presto Kombucha is honored to be a designated Indiana Artisan member .
Xchocol ' Art
Xchocol ' Art was born from Joann ' s natural curiosity , determination and a deep passion to create and experiment with high-quality organic chocolate . Her inspiration really comes from the farmers who provide her chocolate . She knows where her beans are grown , that the workers are paid fair wages and that no child labor is used . Since no pesticides are used in the growing process of her chocolate , it turns into a winwin situation for all her ravenous chocophiles . Joann says , “ When making chocolate , I work with reverence , knowing that every bite will be enjoyed as an un-guilty pleasure .”
UGo Bars
UGo bars are made by hand , to provide a uniqueness you won ' t find anywhere else in the snack market . We handcraft all our products in small batches . Each UGo bar has a 3 month shelf life to ensure premium quality and maximum nutrition benefits .
Our ingredient labels all start with nuts as the primary ingredient , followed by dried fruits . UGo bars are effective for pre- and post-activity , of both high and low intensity levels . They are perfect for everyone , from elite athlete to everyday hungry people .
Ugobars . com
Tracy Gates 812-322-3499 . ity and quality as her main priorities . “ I go a notch higher by only sourcing organic and fair trade chocolate , and also in using sustainable methods such as composting , recycling and driving electric .” You can visit Joann at the Summer Carmel Farmer ’ s Market every Saturday , 8:30am – 11am and get a taste of incredible award-winning chocolate , or visit her website , xchocolart . com .