Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 82

POETRY Ode to Treepose Plant your feet in the ground oh, tree pose Spread the toes, open your arms oh, tree pose Hear the sound of your breath oh, tree pose Aware of every cell Opening my core wide Rooting as I reach up Balanced on the inside a sturdy, rising tree. Open your eyes gently Exhale - hands at heart May the light in me Honor the light in you oh, Vrikshasana How I soften into you oh, Vrikshasana How you strengthen me oh, Vrikshasana How you bring me to nirvana Planted in the firm floor I am Leaves growing from my skin I am In love with this holy world. — Kalia KALIA DIMITROVA Kalia Dimitrova is originally from Skopje, Macedonia, but has spent the last few years travelling as her studies took her to Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland and the United States, where she was a student at IUPUI. She is a graduate student of Cultural European Studies and holds a degree in Political Science. Her passions and interests are writing, travelling and fighting for justice. While leading such a dynamic life, yoga has been her companion every morning and every night. 80 INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I