Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 74

HOW YOGA CHANGED ME How Yoga Changed Me An Older Yogini in Indy’s Modern Yoga Studios A cascade of feelings overtook me as I entered the hot, darkened studio for my first yoga class in a long, long time. I was anxious. I was vulnerable. I was feeling inadequate. After all, I used to be 'the yoga teacher.' 72 By Anne Alderfer I first came across yoga, while participating in a weekend immersion program in a Kundalini ashram in Boston while attending a university there in the late 70’s. It was a lazy student’s alternative, to not having to take a final exam in Eastern Studies. Just spend a weekend in an ashram, write a short paper… and hopefully ace the class. How painful could that be? into the study and teaching of the Nobel Eightfold Path of Buddhism. Eventually, the dawning of teacher certification emerged, so I fell in line and got my 200 RYT. My inner quest continued, leading me to my current spiritual teacher and meditative practice. Eventually, my meditation practice took precedence over my yoga practice. I was more drawn within, than to my mat. However, I was not prepared