Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 65

PHYSICAL YOGA Meditation for Beginners Meditation benefits are many, including stress reduction, lower blood pressure, improved quality of sleep, improved concentration, and it boosts your immune system. So why aren’t we all practicing meditation? Meditation can sound scary. Visions of sitting in some intricate cross-legged position chanting words in a different language might sound foreign to some. Not to mention, who has time to sit still? There are many types of meditation, and not all of them involve sitting still. Here are a few steps for those beginning a meditation practice. Mindfulness Meditation 1. Sit in a position that keeps your back straight, either in a firm chair or cross-legged on a cushion or floor. Allow your shoulders to relax and close your eyes. 2. Notice your breath. Do not change it; just observe it. Notice how it feels and how it sounds. 3. Thoughts will begin to distract you from your breath. Once you notice being distracted, acknowledge your 4. Remember not to judge yourself or worry about being distracted. That is part of the process. You will be distracted! Simply return your focus to your breath. 5. Begin by sitting for 10 minutes at time. Use a timer, so you don’t need to watch a clock. There are many smartphone apps with timers, guided meditations, reminders to meditate, calming music or background noise. Find one that works for you. ■ thoughts and then return your attention to your breath. Always go back to the breath. New LebaNoN Yoga Studio opeNiNg September 116 N. LebaNoN Street LebaNoN, iN 46052 Yoga teacher traiNiNg . VarietY of cLaSSeS INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I 63