Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 59

PHYSICAL YOGA Triathletes: A little yoga goes a long way Triathlon season is here! What are your goals this year? Sprint distance, Olympic, Half Ironman or the full Ironman? However far you intend to go, you probably spend a great deal of effort to be as efficient as possible. Adding one more item to your training regimen probably seems like an impossible feat. But adding a few postures like the ones below to your post-workout stretching can help you recover faster, alleviate tightness (think of your hips/ glutes and shoulders) and improve range of motion. A regular yoga practice also develops mental focus and concentration, which is invaluable when the race gets tough. INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I Yoga provides triathletes... Balance Core strength Dynamic flexibility Breathing exercises 57