Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 55

FAMILY & KIDS Superman Base partner lies on his back and places feet comfortably on partner’s belly/chest depending on size of partner. Base partner holds her hands as he slowly straightens his legs and lifts her in the air. She can then straighten her arms and legs for superman or attempt more challenging variations. 01 Variation 1 After partner is up in the air she can carefully move into “Flying” Bow Pose continuing to hold right hand of base partner as she reaches her left hand to clasp her left ankle. 02 Variation 2 Base partner puts his feet on her hip flexors and while holding her hands he straightens legs forcing her to go into more of a diving position. She then puts the soles of her feet together for “Flying Butterfly” as base partner moves her around at his comfort level. Stacked Plank Base partner comes into plank pose with hands directly under shoulders and arms straight, like he is about to do a push-up. His eye gaze is down just beyond his hands and he lengthens his body from crown to feet grounding his toes to floor by engaging legs, glutes and core firmly. Smaller partner holds onto his ankles and then depending on her height, places toes onto his shoulders or back. It is important for her to also hold arms straight and engage core and legs with strength to be sturdy in the pose. INDIANA & YOGA MAGAZINE ISSUE I 53