Indiana & Yoga Magazine Summer 2016 Issue 1 | Page 41

FEATURE: YOGA AND ADDICTION RECOVERY [Recovery] is prakriti, which means it’s always changing. Everything’s changing. There are stages of recovery like there are stages of asana practice. My asana practice at 62 years old is different from my asana practice when I was 30. Somewhere between six and eight years [of recovery], there’s a stage shift, and there’s another shift a little later on. And we have to acknowledge those shifts. Like in asana, we’re more precarious and more likely to get hurt during transitions. EH: I like the fact that you frame Y12SR as relapse prevention instead of calling it a “program of recovery.” NM: Absolutely not! It’s an adjunct. It’s just another piece of a platform, and there’s more needed…We emphasize that this is not a replacement for a 12-step meeting, a sponsor, or anything like that. This is an adjunct. It