Indiana MoneyWise March 2019 - Page 2

Dear Hoosiers:

Thank you for reading the Indiana Secretary of

State’s e-magazine. The purpose of this publication

is to provide Hoosiers with timely tips and information

on smart money management and investment fraud


March is Women’s History Month, so in this edition, we’ve highlighted some of the financial issues women face in their lifetimes. Our “Women in Transition” article examines the way our relationship with money can change over time. Some changes are planned, but others blindside us. I’ve tackled a few financial challenges in my own life. From running a business with my husband, Jack, to running for office as your 61st Indiana Secretary of State, to running a household as the mother of two. We women can accomplish great things when we handle money confidently and prepare for the unexpected.

This edition of our e-magazine also offers tips for spring cleaning your home and wallet, and we provide you with important reminders as you file your taxes. It’s my hope that the Indiana MoneyWise e-magazine boosts your ability to effectively handle whatever financial issues come your way.


Connie Lawson

Indiana Secretary of State


It is the mission of the office of Secretary of State Connie Lawson to deliver to the people of Indiana government-as-a-service that focuses on unqualified integrity and accuracy in our elections, consistent and principled regulatory methods, ceaseless protection of Hoosier investors, and the most efficient use of taxpayer resources.