Indiana MoneyWise June 2019 | Page 2

Dear Hoosiers:

Thank you for reading the Indiana Secretary of

State’s e-magazine. The purpose of this publication

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on smart money management and investment fraud


Spring came in and went out like a lion! We’re glad to move on to summer. In this edition of the e-magazine we highlight this year’s most profitable home improvements, revealing how to get the most out of your investment when it comes to remodeling and DIY projects. Also, you’ll find that we partnered with the Indiana Alzheimer’s Disease Center to debunk 16 myths about memory problems. In our industry of investment fraud we’ve uncovered that cognitive decline is a big factor for scam victims. The internet allows many mistruths to spread regarding Dementia and caregiving. Check out our article, from the experts, to be clear on what’s fact or fiction when it comes to brain health.

In addition, this e-magazine features audio’s most compelling format, Podcasts. Over 24% of Americans are listening and we’ll tell you who, what and why this explosion of sound has occurred. And of course we included an alert on robo-advisors. Easy-to-use smartphone apps and online portals make setting up an account with a robo-adviser convenient and quick, which is contributing to their increasing popularity. It’s my hope that you find the information and tips in this Indiana MoneyWise e-magazine beneficial and helpful to leading a financially sound summer.


Connie Lawson

Indiana Secretary of State


It is the mission of the office of Secretary of State Connie Lawson to deliver to the people of Indiana government-as-a-service that focuses on unqualified integrity and accuracy in our elections, consistent and principled regulatory methods, ceaseless protection of Hoosier investors, and the most efficient use of taxpayer resources.