Incite/Insight Winter 2019 FINAL Incite Insight Winter 2019 - Page 3

Editor’s Letter T he arts have the power to activate communities. Whether on a local, national, or global level, the arts have the ability to speak to people beyond words. This year, we will be looking at theatre education can be used as a tool to not only bond individuals but inspire them to make positive change. In this issue, we focus on local communities. How are American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) members and their students encouraging peers and colleagues to think critically about the times we live in? “Start From Where You Find Yourself” and “The Privilege of Power: Promise Over Trauma in Alabama” look at how history can be combined with theatre to help students find their truth. Collaboration is also key to how we can work together to move forward—“Theatre, Education, and Culture on the Island” looks at a community’s supportive culture can feed into a student’s creativity while “What Do I Call Myself?” explores the devising process. Don’t forget to check out this issue’s Network Spotlight, “How Students are Learning Playwriting Through AATE,” and our Board Perspective, “Bridging the Islands—AATE’s Charge to Contribute” to learn more about the awesome work AATE is doing to work within in our communities. Happy Spring, and enjoy Theater in our Schools (TIOS) Month this March! Best, Erika Atkins