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13 I n c i t e / I ns i ght W i n te r 20 1 9 PIOS RESIDENCY WITH GLORIA BOND CLUNIE AT TUACAHN SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. was developed by Jordan Long and his students at Liahona Preparatory Academy in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The playwright reports, “The residency gave me direction. It also gave me the hearts of a wonderful cast, the talent of a thoughtful director, and an audience willing everyone to succeed. They knew I wasn’t there to scrutinize them – I was there to scrutinize the play.” Kyle Lewis, who hosted the development of Gloria Bond Clunie’s BLU at Tuacahn School of the Arts in Ivins, Utah, relates, “We engage in quite a bit of new work development at Tuacahn, but I think what this residency showed us was the importance of an outside voice. It’s easy to get lost in local or school- related issues, but to bring in an outside voice with similar yet different references and experiences, and for that voice to be as accomplished as Mrs. Clunie, inspires us to search for more opportunities like this in the future.” Kyle also notes that his students “were able to share their work with Gloria and ask questions about how to overcome writing obstacles that they had encountered in the past. The number of students that left the experience interested in creating future work was overwhelming.” Over the last decade, the PIOS residencies have been hosted in Utah schools because a local funder supports the program. AATE would like to be able to host additional PIOS residencies in other regions if local funders there could be identified. If a national funding source could be found, schools throughout the United States could apply for the program, as was the case during its inaugural year. Photo Credit: Kyle Lewis John Newman taught and directed theatre at Highland High School in Salt Lake City and is now an associate professor of theatre at Utah Valley University where he directs the Theatre for Youth and Education (TYE) Center. His book Playwriting in Schools: Dramatic Navigation was just released by Intellect Books and includes more detailed descriptions of the Utah Playwrights In Our Schools residencies.