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By the Palladino Family

There are many milestones in a family ’ s life , and one of the earliest and most important is when a child enters kindergarten . It is hard to believe that 12 years have passed since we began this journey with our daughters and Providence Heights Alpha School ( Alpha School ).

Practically speaking , we set out looking for a good school that offered morning and afternoon daycare options since we are both working parents . Providence Heights Alpha School offered both . What we didn ’ t realize is that we were about to begin one of the most unique and rewarding experiences as a family . With our second child now reaching the last years in her educational journey at Alpha School , we have never regretted the choice of a private , Catholic education for our girls . This choice has ensured that our children received an exceptionally well-rounded education in their formative years , but it also has made them better thinkers , writers , problem solvers , and empathetic young women .
From the early days of kindergarten to the more formative years of elementary school , we were impressed with the comprehensive curriculum delivered by caring , nurturing teachers . The ability for Alpha School to provide small class groupings in core subjects enabled our daughters to receive personalized attention , allowing them to develop confidence in their abilities as well as resiliency when met with a challenge .
As middle school began for our eldest daughter , we were immediately impressed with the rigorous academic expectations set in place by an experienced , cohesive group of teachers . An emphasis on STEM , creative problem-solving , and writing — both formal and creative — was found across the curriculum . The middle school staff played an invaluable role as teachers , mentors , and faith-based guides for our daughter . She left Providence Heights Alpha School completely prepared for the academic challenges of high school and has only continued to excel .
The solid foundation Alpha School set in place for her as a learner throughout every developmental stage gave her the tools to navigate high-level , rigorous secondary classes . We see this positive transformation again occurring as our middle school daughter evolves into a confident , independent learner .
While academic excellence is expected in a private-school setting , some of the most remarkable aspects of Providence Heights Alpha School are intangible . Alpha School is able to bring joy to its students ,
through creative , fun outlets that are incorporated into the day-today routine of a school schedule . For example , a trip to the school store , a silly “ Wacky Wednesday ” dress-down theme , a teacher versus student basketball game , a visit with a younger student “ buddy ,” or the anticipation of the privileges bestowed on the eighth grade make the school day enjoyable .
Thanks to Alpha School , our daughters have developed a love of learning in the context of a Christian values system that teaches respect , empathy , and an understanding of others and the broader world . Providence Heights Alpha School has been an instrumental part of our family for more than a decade . To families contemplating Providence Heights Alpha School for their children , our experience serves as affirmation that the decision to enroll will be the best choice for your family .
Providence Heights Alpha School is founded and sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence . Alpha School is now enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year . To learn more or schedule a private tour , visit AlphaSchool . org .
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