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Converting Your Dentures to a



Although more than 60 million people in the United States alone have dentures , both dentists and patients frequently report complications and frustrations with illfitting removable prosthetics . In fact , study after study shows the majority of denture wearers are unhappy with their current dentures and desire improvements in the appearance , function , as well as in the comfort of their dentures . If you are a current denture wearer you are probably well aware of the possible inadequacies pertaining to the fit , retention , and comfort of false teeth . For many years the only option available to you if you had missing teeth was traditional dentures . Thankfully , with the many advances in dental technology there is new hope for unhappy denture wearers , and the inconveniences associated with ill-fitting dentures need no longer to be suffered by anyone .

Imagine never having to worry again about slipping dentures , sore spots , or having to apply thick , messy denture adhesive . Imagine having greater functionality again with your teeth and being able to chew foods not permitted with traditional dentures . Imagine not having a mouth full of acrylic and being able to fully enjoy the taste of all your food ! With an implant-supported non-removable prosthetic known as All-on-4 , that wishful thinking is now a reality ! By converting your denture to a non-removable smile , you can dramatically improve the quality of your life and traditional bulky dentures no longer have to be your only solution to missing teeth .

What exactly is All‐on‐4 ?

A modern dental miracle , All-on-4 is a full dental bridge supported by only four to six dental implants providing you with a more secure and comfortable fit . The exact number of implants is dependent on varying factors such as the strength of the bone , the determination of a 3D scan , and whether it ’ s for an upper or lower arch . Once the implants have been placed and integrated , the prosthetic is then screwed onto the implants . The final result is a much more natural feeling and looking set of new teeth .
A whole new world has opened up with dental implants for both patient and dentist and the advantages are vast . Normal chewing forces can be completely restored and you never have to take your teeth out again . In addition , the implants help prevent any further bone loss by providing solid structural support on the jaw bone which in turn improves facial structure and appearance . Another big advantage to opting for an implant-supported denture like All-on-4 over a traditional denture is that it ’ s much less bulky . A traditional denture covers your entire palate whereas a dental implant-supported denture or prosthetic does not need that extra material for support . This also allows you to regain the full sensation of tasting your food and eliminates the nasty taste and expense of denture adhesives and those dreaded painful sore spots .
The doctors and staff here at South Hills Dental Arts know firsthand the difference All-on-4 can make in a person ’ s life . To find out if you are a good candidate for All-on-4 dental implants or other dental implant procedures , contact our office to schedule a consult appointment and we ’ ll help you achieve a smile that will last a lifetime !
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