IN Ross Township Winter 2021 - Page 33

Cain intended to attend a celebration held annually for the school teachers at the end of the year . Without really checking the event invitation , he went to the café where the celebration had taken place the year before . No one was there ; no one , except one gentleman whose name is Doug May .
This gentleman turned out to be a pivotal player in bringing Cain ’ s old building to life . May worked faithfully on restoring the building for two years .
“ It was an act of God ,” says Cain . “ He still comes down there and works . And we ’ re close friends to this day .”
The theater opened in 2018 and seats 60 people . It has become a cultural hub for the area . New plays are presented each month and there is a comedy concert one Friday per month , plus a live music night one Saturday per month as well .
Not only are Cain ’ s middle school students participating in the theater , but also his former students who are now in high school , and actors and directors from all across the Pittsburgh area and beyond . They do it to participate in a unique blend of art and community .
Tom Mirth , who is from the North Hills , directed the production of “ The Whipping Man ” and is now playing the title character in “ The Mike Webster Story ,” a touching drama about the former Pittsburgh Steeler . Jeff Bender of Allison Park currently plays the role of attorney Bob Fitzsimons in “ The Mike Webster Story .”
“ Anyone can come and audition for Iron Horse ,” says Cain . “ I didn ’ t want it to be a clique of the same people every time . We try to mix it up .” And you do not have to be a member of the company to play a role . There are also plenty of opportunities for volunteers behind the scenes , with sets , ticket sales , concessions , stage managing and tech roles .
There ’ s no question that the presence of Iron Horse Theatre is helping to contribute to the revitalization of the area , drawing people from around the region to participate and also to enjoy the entertainment . If you haven ’ t visited this unique venue , plan a visit soon .
For more information , visit ironhorsetheatrecompany . com . n
The Christmas Show .
“ Scary Musical : The Musical .”
After-school program “ Beauty and the Beast .” Soggy , Liam and Westen in band rehearsal .